Textile Artist weekly challenge

From the Textile Artist Weekly Newsletter:
In the face of social distancing and self-isolation, it’s a sad fact that spending time in-person with others who share your passion for textiles has become an impossibility.
Maybe you’ve been looking forward to a stitch workshop that’s been cancelled? Or perhaps your local embroidery group is no longer able to meet?
And we know how disappointing that can be.

And without regular connections with your stitch sisters, it can be easy to become demotivated and lose your creative spark.
But we’ve been truly inspired by many stitchers like you and your determination to stay positive.

And that’s why we’re teaming up with some amazing embroidery artists to bring you the TextileArtist.org community stitch challenge. Every Monday for the next five weeks a different textile artist will deliver a burst of inspiration especially for you in the form of a short video workshop and a hand stitch challenge that you can do at home over the following few days.

Stay-in-and-stitch from the EGA

Remember the EGA offers some options for our temporarily quiet times.

If you are not used to spending all your time at home, you may be starting to get antsy or a little restless. But aren’t we lucky to pursue an art that we get to work on from the comfort of our home? Not only that, but it can do wonders for our stress and ease our restless minds.

EGA wants to provide you with some things to keep your hands and mind busy during this time. This is a good time to focus on a new project, try a new technique or even enroll in an online class where you can join others from around the world as you learn something new. Learn more


President’s Challenge 2020

We have now been advised that our facility remains closed until at least May 3. I think it may be for quite a bit longer than that, so given that your spring cleaning is probably all but completed and that you have finished your WISP challenge and are almost done with the December ‘Flight’ challenge, I’ve decided to throw out another challenge. I am finally working on embellishing the denim jacket I bought last year so I am challenging you all to embellish something – an accessory or piece of clothing: a handkerchief, sun hat, vest, jacket, jewellery or whatever. When things get back to normal, we can have wonderful Show and Tell sessions! Jill’s work-in-progress:





We will do an ongoing Show-and-Tell here – so send photos of your President’s Challenge pieces to Babs who will post them. An example provided by Jean Prescott who was channelling Jill:

25 Million Stitches

Please join this project to hand-stitch 25 million stitches: one stitch for each refugee. How does making 25 million stitches help refugees? We believe that this project is a way for us to engage with this global crisis instead of ignoring it. And even though no single stitch can fully represent an individual, the act of stitching and the resulting work will help bring attention to the scale of the crisis. For more details click
You are welcome to come up with any design or text you desire. There are no bad, ugly, or uneven stitches in this project. Uneven stitches and personal designs make the panels more unique and beautiful. We encourage you to be creative! Panels completed with simple running stitches are always welcome! Bolder colours and thicker embroidery threads are more visible and perhaps more satisfying. Please refer to our image gallery for the density of stitches we are looking for click

  • Panel sizes: We have three sizes: 15inch x 62inch,(40cm x 180cm) 15inch x 35inch, (40cm x 90cm) 15inch by 17inch(40cm x 55cm). We encourage you to use recycled and unbleached linens if possible. Check our FAQ page for more detailed information on panel requirements. click
  • Type of Stitches: Any stitch that is easy to count is acceptable. If you use a very fine stitches close together, we ask you to give us an estimate of the total number of stitches when you return the panel.
  • Counting: We have ways to sample count, 4 -5 sampling of 2inch x 2inch area and 1.5 inch x 15inch area are counted, averaged then multiplied. We welcome and appreciate counted panels.
  • Embellishment: We have had questions from many talented participants whether they could dye the panels, embellish with applique or beading. These are extra care and technique that would add many hours to the already lengthy time required to complete the panels. So we are very touched by the dedication of the stitchers willing to go extra mile for the project. However, for the installation which we will hang some 1,500 panels, most combined into one long flag from 3 to 4 panels. They hang frames light a structure as possible so that the show can travel. Beads, especially, adds so much weight top the panels. We even discourage backing the panels to minimize the weight gain.
  • Canadian Quilters Association – Postcard Challenge

    The program at our Thursday January 9, 2020 meeting was the Post Card Challenge for the Canadian Quilt Association Conference in Edmonton this coming June. When we did this for the 2018 Conference, we handed in 52 of the 1,600+ that were sold and $11,000 were donated to Children’s Hospital. This year 100% of the funds raised will go to Edmonton Glenrose Pediatric Brain Injury Unit.

    For this year’s challenge, Anni prepared 50 pieces of fabric and with the help of Mary Ann and Margot they were fused to a backing with the post card stamp belonging to Margot. We are off to a good start!

    I don’t believe the following was mentioned:
    The cards this year are to be inspired by Nature (pretty open theme!) and are to be returned at the April 9th meeting for mailing. I can accept them at any time but they need to be received in Edmonton by May 1.

    It is not necessary to have the stamped fabric to make your card. The information is on our WebSite with the backing and stiffening requirements and the size is 4” x 6”.

    Submitted by Bonnie Adie