Canadian Quilters Association – Postcard Challenge

The program at our Thursday January 9, 2020 meeting was the Post Card Challenge for the Canadian Quilt Association Conference in Edmonton this coming June. When we did this for the 2018 Conference, we handed in 52 of the 1,600+ that were sold and $11,000 were donated to Children’s Hospital. This year 100% of the funds raised will go to Edmonton Glenrose Pediatric Brain Injury Unit.

For this year’s challenge, Anni prepared 50 pieces of fabric and with the help of Mary Ann and Margot they were fused to a backing with the post card stamp belonging to Margot. We are off to a good start!

I don’t believe the following was mentioned:
The cards this year are to be inspired by Nature (pretty open theme!) and are to be returned at the April 9th meeting for mailing. I can accept them at any time but they need to be received in Edmonton by May 1.

It is not necessary to have the stamped fabric to make your card. The information is on our WebSite with the backing and stiffening requirements and the size is 4” x 6”.

Submitted by Bonnie Adie

Kay Meek Art Centre features Anni Hunt – Jan 2020

Kay Meek & West Vancouver Community Arts Council Presentation – Theatre Lobby

Artists Anni Hunt, Elizabeth Topham and Sande Waters explore themes of order and chaos, continuity and renewal, within nature and the self through dynamic mixed media work.

Hunt‘s experimental work involves abstract mark making on canvas with wax, oils and inks and stitching back into the marks to create texture and complexity; evocative of the complex cycles of renewal and continuity in nature.

Topham‘s gestural paintings explore the chaos and structure of Rubus armeniacus, the non-indigenous blackberry bramble which over the last century has naturalized here in the Pacific Northwest. The work examines the physical complexity of the bramble – the patterns, structure and chaos – as a metaphor for our own entanglement with self, others and nature.

Waters‘ work is an expression of the transformative and sometimes chaotic elements in life, manifested through colourful fluid abstract paintings and prints combining layers of painting and photography.

Thursday, January 9, 20205:30 PM
Tuesday, February 25, 20205:00 PM
Opening reception: Thursday, January 9, 5:30-7pm
Exhibition Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm and during evening and weekend performances.

Kay Meek Arts Centre
1700 Mathers AvenueWest Vancouver, BC, V7V 2G7

Information courtesy of Kay Meek Arts Centre (Click here)