What’s a WISP?

So did you check your various wish lists in 2023? Are you making a new wish list for 2024? Are there any WISPs listed? Okay, okay for those of you not in the know a WISP is a Work In Slow Progress.

Each year our Guild hosts a WISP challenge. A time to check any unfinished projects and challenge yourself to complete one or two or…… possibly more. The challenge asks our members to select a WISP or two or more (just saying LOL) and signing up at the in-person meeting usually at the start of our Guild year or by emailing or phoning Sharon Young, the coordinator. You include your name and a brief description of the piece(s) that you plan on finishing.

The criteria for entry is simple. Your piece must have been started before January 2024 and be completed by June 13, 2024. Just think of that languishing project from 2018 that has been sitting there waiting for a bit of attention. What about that gift you promised to complete for a cousin, but got but aside for something more urgent? Now’s the time! We make it a bit of fun and there’s a reward. For each piece that is finished your name will be entered into a draw for a gift certificate to our New To You Boutique Store.

Now where did I put my list? It’s a long one and I’m only picking one item. That list, like my WISPs seems to evade me. See you at a meeting.

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