PROGRAMS 2018-2019
Date Program/Speaker Topic
September Stephanie Brothers button project
October Uishe Greiner trunk show
November Garage Sale
December Christmas Luncheon AGM Wrap Up
February Bettina Mutzkuhn creates animated films using textiles, embroidery and fabrics
March Lisa Sheperd Metis artist who creates culturally inspired garments
April Jeanine
May Louise Smith creates landscapes on painted silk with machine embroidery
June Luncheon
PROGRAMS 2017-2018
Date Program/Speaker Topic
September Welcome
October Yvonne Wakabayashi arashi shibori based on Japanese cultural traditions
November Garage Sale
December Christmas party
January Annemarie Andresen 60+ years of stitching, predominately in whitework
February Catherine Nicholls quilting projects inspired by the natural world
March Jennie Johnston embroidery and quilting paired with painting and fabric design
April Michelle Sirois-Silver hand hooked surfaces
May Linda Coe layered stitched textiles based on natural world textures
June Luncheon