An Experiment with Dendrites

So what’s a dendrite and why would a needle arts group be interested? Well…let’s start at the beginning with a definition. What exactly is a dendrite? According to the dictionary it is a branched extension of a neuron that receives signals from other neurons and transmits those signals to the cell body. Wow!! that’s scientific!!! but what does that have to do with needle art? On March 14 our member, Helen McCrindle will lead a workshop at our Thursday Stitch In that will have us creating dendrite shapes using paint and a printing process. The resulting images will look something like this.

You will need to bring the following items when you come to our Thursday Stitch In.

2 pieces of glass 6 – 8” approximately, the same size
3 pieces newspaper
Plastic spray bottle for water (or share with friend)
3 sheets paper towel
3-4 pieces cotton fabric 9-10” square or rectangle, prewashed and pressed if you wish
2” piece of masking tape
Paper bag to transport your creations

Just imagine the stitchery that could be created around the shapes that you’ve printed. After you have made a few of the shapes, what if you embellish the shapes with various stitches? What if you printed the shapes to paper and stitched into the paper? The possibilities are endless. Come join us and see what you can come up with.

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