April Stitch In – Stitching With Wool

If you haven’t already done so, why not come by for our Thursday Stitch-In held the second Thursday of every month from September to June. Enjoy the camaraderie of other stitchers while working on your project or a group project.

Kit for Wool Sampler

This month’s activity Stitching with Wool – A Sampler. The activity is approached as ongoing and members can bring their Sampler to work on at the various Stitch-In meetings. As this is a sampler, members are encouraged to practice and experiment with a variety of embroidery stitches with wool. This will be an opportunity for members to share the “how to” of various different stitches and will have a chance to notice the various different styles of stitches.

No one person will be teaching but help will always be available for members to learn a new stitch or two.

Members may sign up for a Stitching with Wool kit and purchase it at this April’s meeting for a cost of $25. The kit contains everything you need to complete this project including: a 6″ wooden spindle to create the scroll for a sampler of wool stitches, 5 pieces of 6″ x 12″ linen fabric, assorted colours of wool year, a crewel needle and supplies to make a pin cushion for the top. Member Roberta McLaren will demo “making the scroll’s pincushion top” to start off the monthly Stitch-In project.

Sit back, relax and spend some time stitching with other members at our in-person Stitch-Ins.

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