Project for September 13 Meeting

Stephanie Brothers will be leading us in a project for the program part of the meeting on September 13th.

Following are the notes she sent for what each of us should bring and think about:

This chapter meeting we will be making needle minders from covered buttons. The buttons and magnets and some instructions will be supplied but members should bring the following.

Embroidery kit: needles, threads (one strand of DMC is thick enough but bring a selection of colours), embroidery scissors, small hoop (4″ is ideal but 6″ will do)

Special materials to bring: fabric of a cotton broadcloth weight to fit your hoop (not flimsy but not heavy as it has to fit into the button mold), small fabric scissors to cut the fabric, an erasable marking pen or pencil to draw a pattern on the fabric, ideas for small motifs to embroider.

To prepare ahead: if you want to prepare ahead bring ideas for a simple 1″ embroidery, a completed embroidery in a 1″ circle on a fabric at least 2″ square or the beginnings of an embroidery.Maybe something from a doodle cloth?

The embroidering is what takes the most time so planning and starting ahead is helpful. If you don’t complete your embroidery by the time you leave I will bring the materials to complete covering the buttons to the small church meeting and the next guild meeting.

Inspiration: go to my pinterest site at Many of these buttons are too complicated for what we are doing as they are designed on larger buttons but they give you an idea of what you can do and how beautiful these can be.


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