RSN ‘Postcard from Home’ Challenge

In response to the following challenge, samples of work by our members:

Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace, England launched a postcard from home idea to be done by anyone. It is open to everyone from around the world, and will make us feel connected through the precious RSN bond and our universal love of hand embroidery!  And, while we know the RSN is recognised for technical excellence, this project is not about that, but rather about everyone sharing in the project regardless of your technical level of stitch.

‘Home Sweet Home’
The RSN encourages us to create a piece of hand embroidered art in the form of a ‘Postcard’, to mark this globally impactful event.  They want the ‘RSN Postcard from Home’ project to go viral worldwide, so please share with everyone you know, and let’s get trending and keep connected with the hashtag #rsnpostcardfromhome.

The best part of the project is that everyone can take part, whether you are an experienced hand embroiderer or have never picked up a needle and thread in your life. It is the perfect project to get your creativity flowing and to allow your mind to focus whilst stitching a piece of historical art.

Many of us are now based at home where we have had time to reflect on what is the true meaning of ‘home’ and the energy it gives us, and we will have happy memories of fun and crazy times with family and friends at home.

Ideas to get started: Click
Courtesy Jill Taylor

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