Results of Anni’s Workshops

I have been doing lots of online learning which I think suits me just fine. I get to pause when I want to slow down and take more notes and go at my own pace – something I can’t do when I’m in the heat of the workshop. I repeated two workshops with people I had previously done ‘live’ workshops with, and got far more out of it this time and PDF notes in the process! I’m scared to admit to you all how many I have registered for but here are a few and next month I will send a few more. That way it doesn’t seem as bad. 1. The Pale Rook ( A six week course on making artful dolls. Works still in progress. 2. Sophie Munns – A four week intro course on “Homage to the Seed” ( It was challenging since we are in Springtime and most of the participants were in Australia in their Fall, but I did manage to find seeds. I chose the lowly Thistle in the end, doing most of my research online. Templates/Stamps/Rubbings. Again slow works in progress.   3. I have been making Salmon Skin Leather with Earthand Gleaners. It is a lot of work just to make one skin! But my collection is growing slowly. I want to make a large canvas with the skins sewn together and then to use it as a base to stitch a piece about Haida Gwaii. And here are some trials for the real thing: 4. And finally with my eco-printing and felt making with Nicola Brown from Ireland I have been turning some of the pieces into items. The first is to be a bag. And I am not too sure what to do with the other two pieces. They are both 14” x 10”

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