FibreWorks Exhibit

  June 26th -August 1st 2021   I am thrilled to announce our opening reception… AT the gallery on Saturday, June 26th from 2pm – 4pm. Join us at the yurts for the opportunity to connect with the artists.   The words of a poem or the lines of a song can instantly transport you to a specific place and time or a location solely of the imagination. A poem, a song or a single line are all inspiration for these 3 artists exploring the magic of language. In this exhibition each of the artists have taken some of their favourite “lines” and allowed them to inform their work in fibre. There are poems of rigid structure and form and others more akin to stream of conciseness. Lines in poetry and song can be arranged in a way that creates or evokes a specific feeling in the reader and just because the words are in a single line it does not mean the thought is complete. Following short lines or longer meandering phrases these artists have created the visual imagery in this exhibition. The written lines that have sparked their imaginations have been included alongside the completed pieces, do you read what caught their eye?
Our mailing address is:
PO Box 311 
Madeira Park, BC
V0N 2H0

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