16″ Project Bag

Materials Needed: 3 fat quarters (one of which is an accent fabric); 18″ square of batting; 16-1/2″ square of clear vinyl; 18″ nylon zipper

Tips for working with vinyl: Do not iron! Leave tissue paper on as you cut it. This makes it easier also when sewing because the vinyl tends to stick to the bed of the sewing machine.

Cutting Instructions: Cut 2 fat quarters into 18″ squares. These will make the body of the bag. From the accent fabric cut 4 strips 2-1/4″ by 21″ for binding; cut 2 strips 4″ x 16-1/2″ for zipper; cut handle from remaining piece 3″ x 16″.

Sandwich your 18″ fabric squares with batting and quilt as you wish. This forms the backing of your bag. Now cut your backing down to a 16-1/2″ square.

Attach the zipper to accent fabric using a zipper foot. Fold each 4″ x 16-1/2″ piece of accent fabric in half and press. Sew the folded edge of one piece to the zipper. Take the other piece and open it, fold under 1/4″ on both raw edges and press. Attach this piece to the other side of the zipper at the fold leaving this piece open.

Place your vinyl piece inside the fold of bottom accent fabric all the way to the sipper and sew in place using a walking foot. Trim bag to 16-1/2″.

Fold the handle fabric in half lengthwise and press. Open the fabric and fold both raw edges in to meet the center fold. Press. Re-fold the centre to create handle. Top stitch along both long edges.

Attach handle to back of bag at top. Use clips to secure both top and bottom pieces in place making sure edges meet evenly all around bag. Baste in place as the vinyl tends to move easily using a walking foot. Finally stitch, bind and enjoy.

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