Berry Ornament

This was a fundraiser for our Guild in 2019. Thank you to Loretta H for the pattern.

There are two template sizes to choose from depending on the size of your embroidery.

Cut out the template pattern on solid lines. The patterns include all seam allowances. You may wish to trace the template onto your fabric to establish the margins of your embroidery. Embroider your fabric with a pattern of your choosing.

Place the template over your embroidery, or other fabric, and trace around pattern with a washable fabric-marking pen. You may wish to iron on interfacing to the fabric before doing this. Cut the fabric on the drawn lines.

with right sides together, sew a 1/4″ seam along the straight lines making a cone shape. Trim excess fabric at the point, turn, and finger press the seam.

Hand stitch a basting thread around the top edge of the cone 1/4″ from the edge. Start to gather the threads a little and then start stuffing the cone with fibrefill. Start with a small piece and pack it tightly into the point. Then add more fibrefill and pack each piece into the bottom of the cone. A rounded chopstick works well for this step. When it feels nice and full, finish gathering the threads as tightly as you can and tie off.

If you dampen the fabric slightly where the gathering threads are, the fabric is much easier to work with.

Thread up a needle and bury the extra ruffles from gathering so they sit nice and flat.

embellish as desired and include a loop of cord as a hanger. You will need about 8″ of cord for this as the loop should be about 3″ long when pulled tight.

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