Welcome 2024

It’s time to welcome 2024 in with a bang. Isn’t that the expression most often used? How did yours start? With a bang? a whimper? or just an even paced relaxing day spent with needle and thread?

Yup it’s that time again to think of the various projects that can be accomplished this year. Wait a minute. What about some of those projects that are stashed away in the closet and haven’t seen the light of day for a number of months? What’s that you say? Some are years older? Well time to make a dent, don’t you think. Each year our group initiates a WISP challenge. What is a WISP you ask? Well the acronym stands for Works In Slow Progress. Yup, it’s a challenge to reach for those projects that seem to be languishing in the closet, on a shelf, or rolled up in a box under the bed. The challenge invites you to finish one or two. If you’re a member, we encourage you to contact Sharon and let her know you’ve accepted the challenge. If you’re not a member, how about joining us? Stay tuned. Next month we’ll tell you more about what’s coming up in some of our programs.

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