25 Million Stitches

Please join this project to hand-stitch 25 million stitches: one stitch for each refugee. How does making 25 million stitches help refugees? We believe that this project is a way for us to engage with this global crisis instead of ignoring it. And even though no single stitch can fully represent an individual, the act of stitching and the resulting work will help bring attention to the scale of the crisis. For more details click
You are welcome to come up with any design or text you desire. There are no bad, ugly, or uneven stitches in this project. Uneven stitches and personal designs make the panels more unique and beautiful. We encourage you to be creative! Panels completed with simple running stitches are always welcome! Bolder colours and thicker embroidery threads are more visible and perhaps more satisfying. Please refer to our image gallery for the density of stitches we are looking for click

  • Panel sizes: We have three sizes: 15inch x 62inch,(40cm x 180cm) 15inch x 35inch, (40cm x 90cm) 15inch by 17inch(40cm x 55cm). We encourage you to use recycled and unbleached linens if possible. Check our FAQ page for more detailed information on panel requirements. click
  • Type of Stitches: Any stitch that is easy to count is acceptable. If you use a very fine stitches close together, we ask you to give us an estimate of the total number of stitches when you return the panel.
  • Counting: We have ways to sample count, 4 -5 sampling of 2inch x 2inch area and 1.5 inch x 15inch area are counted, averaged then multiplied. We welcome and appreciate counted panels.
  • Embellishment: We have had questions from many talented participants whether they could dye the panels, embellish with applique or beading. These are extra care and technique that would add many hours to the already lengthy time required to complete the panels. So we are very touched by the dedication of the stitchers willing to go extra mile for the project. However, for the installation which we will hang some 1,500 panels, most combined into one long flag from 3 to 4 panels. They hang frames light a structure as possible so that the show can travel. Beads, especially, adds so much weight top the panels. We even discourage backing the panels to minimize the weight gain.
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