President’s Challenge 2020

We have now been advised that our facility remains closed until at least May 3. I think it may be for quite a bit longer than that, so given that your spring cleaning is probably all but completed and that you have finished your WISP challenge and are almost done with the December ‘Flight’ challenge, I’ve decided to throw out another challenge. I am finally working on embellishing the denim jacket I bought last year so I am challenging you all to embellish something – an accessory or piece of clothing: a handkerchief, sun hat, vest, jacket, jewellery or whatever. When things get back to normal, we can have wonderful Show and Tell sessions! Jill’s work-in-progress:





Jean’ Bracelet

Babs’ pocket
JoAnn’s coat & bag


One thought on “President’s Challenge 2020

  1. Love this idea of a challenge. I heard about Jill’s stitch workshop from my friend, Babs, so I started practicing various stitches on an old work shirt. This will be displayed later…I am in awe of the bag by Cheryl M. Also LOVE the mask in tartan! Jean Prescott

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